About Us

Digiwest MSP is a full-service computer, cybersecurity, and technology firm providing managed IT services and software programming to firms throughout the United States.  Digiwest MSP began work in the information technology field in 1995, specializing in work for civil, environmental, and traffic engineering firms and their highly specialized needs. Today, Digiwest MSP services span the country, with direct support and on-site staff in Baltimore MD, Bellingham WA, Bend OR, Boise ID, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Kellogg WA, Kirkland WA, Orlando FL, Oakland, CA, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Reston VA, Sacramento CA, Seattle WA, Tucson AZ,  as well as their surrounding areas.

Digiwest staff is highly trained and experienced. The firm has been ISO9000 certified for operational practices, which relates to staff training, experience, product development, practices, and operational systems. ISO9000 is a nationally recognized process and includes very stringent guidelines and requirements to ensure products and services performed in a consistent manner at the highest possible level and with the best possible results.

The Digiwest MSP software team has a combined 30 years of traffic software and programming experience. In addition to numerous specialty packages for private and public sector programs, Digiwest MSP programmers were selected for the development of the companion version software for the Federal Highway Capacity Manual.

Digiwest MSP was a national pioneer in the development and use
of Bluetooth data collection devices for collecting and analyzing multimodal transportation.
This experience gives us a unique opportunity to understand challenges faced by
engineering and architectural firms and their software .

Digiwest data collection devices and software have been deployed throughout the world, including the world’s largest deployment of portable traffic data collection devices. Additional deployments included projects for HawaiiDOT, CaliforniaTranspoprtation District12, Florida DOT, MassDOT, MontanaDOT, Oregon DOT, Utah DOT, Washington DOT, North Carolina DOT, as well as city and county agencies throughout the country

Our Team

Paul White
Marc Butorac
Ian Cameron
Sanjeev Pradhan
Rob Bahmer
Josh Moore
Jess Adams
Austin Parker
Shannon Friedman
Norma Jensen
Destiny Dawson

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